Thursday, 15 August 2013

SEO: Methods of promotion of sites

In this article, I will discuss the methods of website promotion such as search engine optimization for high-demand and collection of traffic on the low-frequency queries search engines - it's 2 main strategies to promote websites in runet.

general information

Let's say you have made a site and now your task - to draw up a general audience site. As I said, there are two main strategies to promote sites: near the top of the output RF and collection of traffic on low demand.

High-frequency queries

This process may require considerable monthly investment, especially if the site is a popular topic, and the derivation of the top you will come across dozens of websites that are at the same time moving into the top for the same query, so prepare in advance purse.

As displays in the top?

  • Optimize the home page and other input to your requests.
  • Purchase links on websites, here to help you have a services Sape, Trust-link, GoGetLinks and the like, payment options daily rate of the monthly cost.
  • Buy eternal links in articles and blogs, for example, on the exchange of articles Miralinks. Pay per article.
  • And the last way, the most brilliant - book promotion from professionals here without comment.
Output in the top ranks usually from one month to three, depending on the complexity of queries.

Low-frequency queries

This is a budget version of attracting search engine traffic to the site, like technology doorways. The essence of the method is to write articles that are optimized for low-frequency queries.


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