Monday, 12 May 2014

ASO is the new SEO as App Annie adds free app store optimization, plus ad analytics

Either its Christmas in May or App Annie really desires to win the mobile analytics battle. The companies declared this morning that it is releasing a free app store optimization tool that will assist developers make their products extra visible on the iOS app store & Google Play. And it as well declared updates to its Advertising Analytic tools that assist app publishers track monetization of their apps across more than twenty ad platforms.

Ad analytics is something App Annie has been working on for the past half year.
The trouble the corporation is trying to solve is that app publishers are monetizing with manifold ad networks at the same time, so it is not always simple and easy to see which networks are bringing in the most excellent return. Our Mobile Games Monetization report got that the most victorious developers monetize through the most number of networks — often up to 10 at a time.
So App Annie’s ad analytics platform makes one central dashboard where developers can observe all their networks and all their stats & evaluate them to discover the best ones.
The challenge for App Annie, of course, is that while it at present supports “20+” ad networks, there are lots of more in existence. In fact, there are at least eighty five that we gathered important amounts of data on. And as we got, it is the little guys that often bring in the bigger dollars — not the Google’s of the ad planet. So while 20+ is significant, it may not be sufficient for each developer.
The good news? Some of the top-monetizing networks on the world are on the list, containing Ad Colony and InMobi.

App Annie’s other statement now is a new product for app store optimization: “ASO,” the new SEO.
That is make suring that your keywords, your description, your icon, & all your metadata makes your app as discoverable via the app store search engines as probable, assisting app developers get extra native downloads (as opposed to paying for installs via advertising, incentivized downloads, & other costly ways.)
With over 2 billion apps in Google Play and iOS , and 82% of users never look beyond the first 25 applications , developers have a trouble, says App Annie. In fact, in accordance with competitor Flurry, 60% of the applications are never downloaded at all.
So new ASO App Annie tool analyzes your competitors & their own applications, find out what their classification & what does not, and make suggestions for development. It can as well give an ordered list of applications that are classified for a particular keyword, so you can see how far down the list you are.

The battle for the analysis of the application is a beast, with competitors like Flurry, Distimo App Annie & Localytics fighting and other developer mindshare & large database of the fruits that have their SDKs integrated hundreds of thousands of applications that live in hundreds of millions of devices, not to mention more private suites monetization & analysis, as that from Swrve .

Thursday, 8 May 2014

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