Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Top SEO Rules to Remember

Visible on your company website is the best way to reach your target audience. Most of you will be tempted company will rely on a professional SEO, so you can your website visible in search results, faster power of the people. Observe the following rules SEO optimization of your website: -

·  Avoid too many Web Pages

Latest Google Panda updates have websites with more specific pages, such as e-commerce sites that are poor in content. If you change the number of sites that offer similar products covered in a reduction of lateral position. E-commerce, besides, each page filled with unique descriptions and reviews, no content is very low.

·  Write Useful Meta Descriptions

For an online visitor actually clicks on the link on the search results pages, you need to communicate what the site is about. Meta Description The goal is to teach visitors online search engine robots that your site is about. It is important to keep the keyword rich description of the target, but not invite all 150 characters in the description with keywords. Keep useful and meaningful description so that visitors do not forget to visit the page.

·  Have a Unique Title

If you invest in the search for exclusive titles for Web pages at some point. You need a name that best describes the choice of sites. You must also take into account the generic keywords that users want and expect results. You will not want to read a short and interesting book? This applies to Web sites. Choose a unique name that could force the viewer to read.
·  Use Self explanatory files & directory names

When you're on their websites to create a file or folder name, if I can describe what the site is about. When you select a file or folder name does not use a hyphen as a separator. Scenario, as we know, the preferred recognize that search engines partition.

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