Monday, 10 March 2014

Google Debuts AdWords Consumer Ratings Annotations In US, UK & Canada

Today, Google announced the deployment of scores of consumers Annotations AdWords. The spotlight annotations highly valued business advertiser, such as customer service, a rewards program or the shipping practices of search ads aspects.

 Along with extensions review and Seller, Google now offers a trifecta of options for displaying customer reviews on search ads. Although not shown in the previous example, a Google spokesman confirmed that the ratings of Consumer annotations can be displayed along with extensions and Seller review.

Google reports the first tests have shown consumer ratings Annotations can increase click-through rates (CTR) by 10 percent on average. In another version, the company is testing a "More ratings" links, as shown below.

 Brian Borkowski , director of digital marketing Farmers said in a statement, " consumer ratings annotations help us differentiate ourselves from competitors and attract new customers . When we look at our listings listed these ratings , we saw an increase in CTR , which speaks to the awareness, confidence and the impact of this format. "
Data cards are drawn from the opinion polls of Google (GCS ) platform , which was launched in 2012 . Survey questions are typically served in the pop - ups as alternatives Paywall on publisher sites . Each rating is based on an average of 1,000 consumer opinions .
Google notes that the use of GCS helps sidestep the infiltration of less-than- genuine comments ( positive and negative) of the class to Yelp and other review platforms fought self .
Google has been managing surveys and determined which brands include. Of course it limits the scope of qualifications of Annotations consumer brands that have been included in the surveys . This, together with the threshold of 1,000 surveys seem to tilt the new entry to the big brands. A Google spokesman acknowledged that the biggest brands will be well represented , but a number of brands of different sizes will be included even in pitch.
Unlike traditional extensions ads , advertisers have no control over how and what information appears in their ratings of consumers Annotations . In this sense , Google has begun testing smart Annotations calls, automatically pull in information from the landing page , usually in the left navigation . Advertisers have the ability to unsubscribe from the two programs.
Annotations consumer ratings start to roll out several hundred advertisers in the U.S. , UK and Canada in the coming days. Advertisers interested can contact Google to request consideration for inclusion .

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