Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Document Everyone In Digital Marketing Needs To Understand

 On 16 May Business Buzzfeed published what may be the most important piece of online content that you need to read (or at least understand) this year.

The New York Times Jill Abramson recently removed from his position as executive editor, allegedly caused an internal actor to release the remarkable document in question to the competitor Time Buzzfeed.

The internal 96-page report, titled simply "innovation" was commissioned by President Arthur Sulzberger Jr. to ask the tough questions about the place of publication among its peers in the transition from

    "A newspaper also produces a digital report to a rich and impressive digital publication that also produces a rich and impressive newspaper"

It is very rare for a document with this level of openness to get to the hard light of computer screens to the general public.

So what's all the fuss?

Well, times have been six months, a lot of money and time Newsroom Innovation Team (including the son of Sulzberger Jr) in compiling a report documenting almost all of the problems the world is having with the transition line online publishing / marketing / room.

Mashable reports that a spokesman for the Times described the document as follows:

    "This is a frank assessment of our digital transformation with interesting recommendations, many of which we have embraced and are working to implement."

Ideas make us feel much better. If the NYT is struggling with the same things to us that we are not all digital dunces we feel. The analysis of these problems and the subsequent recommendations are almost as valuable as ... well are invaluable. This vision is unique.

Anyone who is involved in online marketing or publication can and will learn something from this report in the New York Times. So grab your reading glasses, here's the truth ...

Fast Company offers a quick introduction to the event, so to speed with the context surrounding the leak to help you understand why this is such an important deal.

Co-founder of the digital agency Atlanta Simple Tiger Sean Smith speculates that the filtered Times report "may actually be one of the key documents in this age of digital media"

DigiDay have compiled a version of speed reading. They-read-the-full-report-as-you-don't-have-that is the atmosphere. If you are more visually inclined, these 5 graphics have a quick and compelling story

Harvard Neiman Journalism Lab commentator give a sharp analysis of the highlights of the report. If you are looking for a truncated with a little more substance that tells why this version is so important, hop on over to a place of Joshua Benton.

For the most part, the Times report was publicly praised as a frank, honest and accurate assessment. The review of the findings has been few and far between. Kind-of-Vox is a competitor of publishers mentioned in the report as an innovative online, ready to experiment with digital formats. Your opinion on the Times report is relatively opposite, offering a well informed (although slightly biased) review. If you are looking for some balance in the overwhelmingly positive discussion, check this one out.

Better yet, if you have a spare half hour in the gym, on your morning walk or while traveling to work, listening to Robert Rose and Joe Pullizi Content Marketing Institute discuss the ramifications of this report in glorious detail in Episode 27 of its PNR This Old Podcast marketing.

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