Monday, 9 March 2015

Are You Really On Page One Of Google? – SEO Blog

Everyone wants his company to be on the first page of Google. And now, thanks to customized searches of Google, everyone thinks they are.

In short, Google will look at your history of searches and search results as so you get the websites that you think you are looking for. So if you see your own website much (and you really should), then there will be higher in terms of SEO, for example, sites of rivals.

This is great if you are a consumer, which means you spend less time trawling through the results you do not.

It does not work if you are looking for an honest reflection of how your business performs against key search terms.

Today, Google is a bit like a tinted mirror - flattering, but not necessarily how everyone sees you!

The best and easiest, way to figure out how you're actually doing is opening a private browser window and then run your search again. Depending on the browser you use, you must do the following:

Internet Explorer or Firefox: hold ctrl + shift + p

Chrome: hold ctrl + shift + n

Then, go to Google and rerun the search. This will search the search terms without using any of your stored preferences.

Try it with some of the favorite search terms. It is likely that your site will not perform as well as you are expecting.

Upset? Sorry. But there are things you can do to improve things.

Disregarding Google has clamped down on people taking shortcuts, and they will find themselves blacklisted. The only way is to do well, which means a lot of hard work managing the "invisible" Site technical elements, and even harder to make sure your site is vibrant and frequently updated work.

Besides that? Yes, you guessed it: more graft promoting your content and your product to the public to attract them to your website and improve search rankings.

There is a shortcut you can take, of course: Podium talk. We specialize in boosting the rankings of Google using totally natural and sustainable methods.

We also have many, many years of experience in copywriting, so we can give your site the gas, up to date news and blog it deserves, and will keep your audience coming back. Finally, we have experts in public relations from the house that can promote content in the right way, and offer clear, monthly reports so you can see what has been done and how they've improved.

It may take a while - is an organic process - but anywhere from three to six months should see an improvement, with a long-term campaign to deliver even better results. Best of all, though, is that you know for sure the results of SEO are where they should be.

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