Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Top 4 Easy SEO Tips You Can Plug In Right Away

There is much to learn about SEO,but sometimes the best way to start is by mastering the simplest things.You can save hundreds,even to find thousands of SEO tips and tricks to use,but these next tips are those that can be applied for maximum effect immediately.You do not have the training to participate or follow the latest update to Google,an influence of these simple SEO tips.

1. Use Anchor Text

We all make the mistake of clicking here or as anchor texts.Although users can well understand, are not the best anchors for use if you want to improve the SEO performance of your site.Instead of using generic words like, be sure to try a more significant rate based on the keywords that you are targeting phrases.For more information on the website SEO, for example, is much more effective than clicking here. http://www.indigomultimedia.com/

2. Search Engine Friendly Permalinks

Sometimes with variables and strings in URLs it is inevitable.They are useful for transmitting information to the receiving side.However,try to make the URL as the search engines as possible in connection using a CMS to manage to keep their content,there are many plugins and tools that can help you change your URL is more SEO-friendly.

Instead of your domain.com/?p=11&string=about-SEO, you can yourdomain.com/SEO-101/about-SEO have.The changes are carried out automatically,so you do not lose traffic or have broken connections through their website.If you need to use chains and variables,try to keep it readable.Sometimes crawlers access to these URLs and still trying to grab the same keywords, so that really help with URLs.

3. Use Category Title And Description

Until very recently, I used the standard sitename.com/title-of-the-article permalink structure across all of my sites. It was an expert from a renowned SEO Montreal company who told me to add a category title to my URLs.As soon as I changed my permalink structure to sitename.com/category/title-of-the-article, I saw a nice boost in overall SEO performance. Search engine traffic went up by almost 40%.So what does adding category title change?

For starters, crawlers can now identify the general topic of each article by scanning the URL of the article itself. This allows me to reach more users who are not searching for a specific topic.To enhance the effect even further, you can also add a short category description to the Category pages as well as the Meta tags.

4. Sub-Directories instead of Sub-Domains

I know sub-domains are much cooler. Shop.sitename.com appears more professional compared to sitename.com/shop. However, sub-directories are actually more effective SEO-wise.The main reason why sub-directories are much, MUCH more effective than sub-domains is because sub-domains are often treated as different domains by both crawlers and search engine algorithms. Sub-directories, on the other hand, are very effective in boosting your site’s overall SEO performance.

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