Thursday, 2 July 2015

Would You Like To Compare Your Sites In Google Search Console? Let Google Know.

Google wants your comments on improving Google search Console, specifically combining sites.

Google has published a survey asking if they would like webmasters see Google Search Console, formerly Google Webmaster Tools allow you to combine their sites in order to compare data.

Google gave two examples of how this might work:

(A) for a combined Analytics search report that includes different versions of your site's URL (http and https).

For a combined search report Analytics includes different subdomains (mobile and international subdomains).

But it can be used for other purposes, as you can imagine.

The survey asks, "If Search console that allowed grouping the sites to see a combined report, would you use it?"

Responses include:


    Yes, I use it to combine different versions of my web site URL (i.e. https / http and www / non-www).

    Yes, I use to track my subdomains (i.e., desktop / mobile sites and international subdomains).

    Yes, I use it to keep track of my mark (that is, all subdomains and applications).


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