Sunday, 21 June 2015

Google Will Allow People To Block “Revenge Porn” From Search Results

Google has announced that in the coming weeks, a system that allows people to apply for nudity and explicit self-published without the consent appear in Google search results will start.

This will help with the theme "revenge porn", where members post pictures of degrading upset someone were with. It is an issue that is particularly likely to be done for women.

    We have heard many disturbing stories of "revenge porn": an ex couple seeking to publicly humiliate someone by posting private images of them, or hackers stealing and distributing images of the accounts of victims. Some of the images even end up in places "sextortion" that force people to pay to have their images removed.

    Our philosophy has always been that the search should reflect the entire web. But revenge pornographic images are intensely personal and emotionally damaging, and only serves to degrade the victims-mostly women. So in the future, we will honor requests from people to remove sexually explicit nude images or shared without consent from Google search results.

    This is a narrow and limited, similar to how we treat removal requests other highly sensitive personal information such as bank account numbers and signatures, which may arise in our search results policy.

Google said it is aware of the new policy will not stop the practice, but it should help. I think it's likely the case. If this material cannot be found in Google, it becomes largely invisible to the world. It could also serve as a deterrent for others to try. Google promised that a form will appear for applications in the coming weeks.

Google makes the move ahead of John Oliver has a segment airing this Sunday on revenge porn problem Last week night. USA Today it has more than that, and other comments in motion. It is unclear whether Google would be presented in this report. But the timing of today's announcement suggests a proactive move to counter potential criticism that comes.

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